In 1960, Maxwell Maltz wrote “Psycho-Cybernetics,” a book that many self-help leaders including Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar still base their work off today. Maltz’s book delves into what he calls the “servo-mechanism;” an unconscious tool built into all of us to help achieve our goals and desires. The servo-mechanism only works if it remains unconscious. Throughout his book, Maltz warns readers against consciously focusing on and calculating their way towards a goal. However, when he speaks of the unconscious servo-mechanism, I truly believe he is referring to the heart.

Maltz dedicates an entire chapter to self-criticism and how we…

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote before:

“Diamonds are formed under pressure, but never forget, they are not formed overnight.”

In nature, diamonds are formed under pressure and heat causing carbon atoms to crystallize and form coveted diamonds. Diamonds are found 150–200 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. The temperatures down under range from 900–1300 degrees Celsius at a pressure that is 50,000 times that of the Earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, nature has a way of bringing these diamonds to the surface so we don’t have to dig for them.

Not all volcanoes occur on the Earth’s surface. Volcanic pipes are responsible…

The Olympics debuted in 1896. Since their creation, the games have set the stage for heroes to rise in victory. Whether it’s Michael Phelps’ swimming domination after winning 23 gold medals over 5 summer games, or Sidney Crosby scoring the “golden goal” for Canada, there’s no doubt the Olympics creates global heroes.

For the London 2012 Olympics, the committee reached out to a popular British band to write a theme song for the games. Muse, the prog-rock trio known for songs like “Uprising” and “Starlight” hit the studio to record a bombastic, in-your-face rock anthem, which sounds like Queen’s Bohemian…

Light, fluffy, soft, clean, adorable, wool blankets. These are some phrases that might spring to mind when you see a cute picture of someone’s favourite dog breed, the Samoyed. On first glance, the Samoyed could be mistaken for a polar bear cub, but look again and you’ll see one of the happiest fur balls you’ll ever meet. Here are seven facts about the Samoyed breed that you should know before buying one!

  1. Get Ready To Exercise!

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It’s Thursday, and you showed a house to a client over the weekend, but you haven’t heard back from them. Maybe a client emailed you with interest in one of your listings, you had a brief conversation, but suddenly they’ve gone cold. In real-estate, and sales in general, there is a fear of being annoying when following up with clients.

“Annoying” is a mindset. You believe you’re annoying when reaching out to a client who shows interest in one of your homes. The goal is to know and believe that you are not looking for anything outside of a response…

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I was browsing Oakville houses for sale on when I noticed a peculiar multimedia button. When I clicked the icon I expected to see an elegant video showing off every nook and cranny of the house, what I received instead, was nothing more than a photo slide-show. What’s worse is the majority of houses on the site didn’t feature a multi-media button at all. If realtors want to distinguish themselves and highlight their properties then video marketing in today’s online world is a must and below are 6 reasons why:

1. Why Show One Room When You Can Show Them All!

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Think of your favourite shoes. What comes to mind? A pair of rock n’ roll Converse All Star’s? Maybe a sporty pair of white shoes with three black stripes down the side, or better yet, traces of Stan Smith green on the back heel and tongue. The tracks left in the sand by a California cool pair of waffle board Vans, the perfect footgear to nail a kick-flip, especially in checkerboard print. Then there’s the shoe that kick-started sneaker culture on basketball courts around America: Nike’s Air Force One’s, which gave birth to the Air Jordan brand.

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The reel was rolling in the right direction for Cineplex. Late in 2019, U.K based international movie theatre chain Cineworld PLC offered Cineplex Inc. a $2.8 Billion takeover deal. Shortly after, Covid-19 spread around the globe forcing everyone into months of quarantine and fostering in the “new-normal.” With the world in lockdown, movie theatres were the last item on people’s Covid checklist. In mid-June the deal fell through before its June 30th deadline, with Cineworld claiming Cineplex breached their contract. Cineplex denies the claims and will be taking Cineworld to court.

Cineworld did not provide a detailed outline of its…

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You’ve seen the university narrative play out on the big and small screen. Parents and kids smiling as they flip through university acceptance letters, reading about the perks each school offers. The student accepts an offer to a university program far away from home. A daily commute would be too tiresome, so they decide to live on residence. The summer is spent shopping at IKEA for dorm room decor. Moving day is stressful as mom, dad, and maybe even little brother or sister help the student enter adulthood. The dorm is the cleanest it will ever be. The family stands…

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One of my favourite places to visit is the liquor store (Don’t start a job interview with that sentence). Liquor stores are today’s Roman Coliseums. Hundreds of brands line the shelves battling for your attention. Bacardi, Heineken, Stella Artois, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Budweiser, Captain Morgan, all giant brands armed with barrels of booze gunning for your wallet. Why so much competition? Because every one of them offers the exact same opportunity to their customers: escape. Escape in the form of dinner with friends. Escape in the form of downing a couple after a rough workday. Escape in the form of…

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